Keep all files in one place

With the Storage module, you can easily save and search for created and uploaded files.


File organization

Effortlessly organize all your data by creating folders where you can conveniently store your desired files. Take control of the access levels for viewing, editing, and sharing the stored content.

Privacy control

Manage access to folders and files making them accessible only to you, specific collaborators and clients, or make them public and available to everyone through a sharing link.




Files storage

Store all files needed for your business within one platform, regardless of the file type.


Folder management

Organize files within folders and subfolders, and easily access the necessary data. If you're unsure about the location of a specific file, you can always use the search option.


File privacy control

Manage access rights for each file or folder to improve privacy control.


File sharing

Every created or uploaded file is stored in the storage system and can be easily shared with all collaborators and clients, eliminating the need for attaching files to messages or emails.


Document editing

There is no need for external office programs with the integrated Gauss Office suite. Easily create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and collaborate on them in real-time with your colleagues.


File versioning

Track document versions and their authors to keep in touch with all changes taken within.