Plan and organize your projects

Organize your projects and store all relevant information in one place using the Projects module.


Tracking project performance

Divide your projects into tasks and subtasks, assign responsible individuals, and use various viewing options to track the overall progress of the project. Additionally, keep a record of the time and resources spent, as well as the productivity of your team members.

Team collaboration

Improve collaboration on your projects by creating discussions, notes, and comments, with the ability to attach various files. Additionally, allow external collaborators and clients to access and collaborate on your projects without being users of the Gauss Box platform.




Easy planning

Define and assign deadlines to your projects and tasks, and create phases to effectively track the progress of all project segments.


Project roles

Create an unlimited number of project roles and customize them to suit the needs of your business. Project roles allow participants to access specific actions and information.


Time and expense tracking

Manage available resources for project execution using budget estimates and hourly rates. Also, track the accumulated time and expenses of your collaborators through a review of their entries.


Performance tracking

Quickly review tasks of an individual project using list views or visualize the progress of your project using Kanban boards and Gantt charts.


Task management

Manage project implementation by dividing project responsibilities into tasks and subtasks. Describe individual responsibilities and attach relevant documentation to ensure timely task completion.


Roles and participants

Assign employees, external collaborators, or clients to specific projects and tasks as responsible individuals or participants. This way, you can stay informed about the workload and responsibilities of project participants.