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Improve your remote work efficiency with three key benefits

Nikolina Hodak / July 14, 2022


About remote work

We all know how popular remote working became during the pandemic, especially in the project management world. Many companies found a way to keep every process in order while their project managers work from the comfort of their homes.

But the question is, are employees really that productive working remotely, or are they lacking specific tools to help them keep in touch with their office? 

Whether you are working remotely for a while already or you are thinking of starting soon, you should pay attention to the following chapters.  We will discuss the three most significant benefits that project management tools will give you when talking about remote work.

Cloud-based solution

To every project manager (and any employee working remote) it is important to rely on various collaboration tools. They should be all well connected within a team. If you’re unsure whether all your business processes and data will be saved when working from home, try implementing cloud-based solutions.


You only need an internet connection and your home office is ready.

No need to worry about hosting, servers, and related costs. Log in through your browser and work from anywhere, on any device. The main advantage is in the security of storing larger amounts of data and processing speed. Moreover, all your team members stay connected.


All in one place

What if we told you that besides staying connected to your team, it is possible to have all current projects and tasks recorded in one place? Given that the digital transformation of business has already shown its advantages, it has become more than clear how much digitalization can improve, simplify and accelerate business.


Platforms that allow you to track all your current assignments and projects from anywhere are worth looking into. You can be aware of what your team members are currently working on and who is assigned to a certain project at any given time.


When communicating with your colleagues from the comfort of your home, what is your main way of communication? Do you have to use different communication apps depending on what team members are you addressing?

You can forget about that if you establish one main platform and use all the available tools from it. You can use three main methods of communicating with your colleagues and clients: chat, e-mail and streaming. For example, direct communication via an internal chat application reduces focus loss due to the use of multiple different external applications.


Furthermore, team members can also see the statuses of their colleagues or clients. Since e-mail is a classic form of office communication, we can’t go through this chapter without mentioning it. It gives you the possibility of adding files or documents, adding a signature, and turning incoming e-mails into leads or tasks to take full advantage of it.


Moving on to streaming, which is undoubtedly the main solution for virtual calls and meetings. If you add a virtual board for all participants to simultaneously write on it, you can get the best out of your software.


Any team can improve remote work efficiency with Gauss Box

Those three earlier mentioned features are crucial when searching for adequate software for your company. Given that every company’s needs are different and require different features, we have the right solution for you. Gauss Box is a unique cloud platform designed to manage all business processes.

It enables efficient management of daily business operations, as well as strategic planning through work processes and clear analytics. Gauss Box consists of individual modules that, as a whole, represent a complete business solution. The modules can be used separately or together, and when combined, provide maximum effect.


Alongside everything listed in the previous chapters, some main modules include project management and collaboration, products and services, lead management, communication, CMS, CRMe-commerce, data protection, and reports.

Feel free to contact us at any given time. Our team will be more than happy to answer your questions!