Easily set up and manage your web store

Take advantage of the strong, continuously growing trend of online shopping with the Gauss Box E-commerce module.


Online store management

Effortlessly manage your E-commerce store with the help of numerous module functionalities. They allow you to have an overview of orders and invoices, manage your product and service catalog, handle payment and shipping methods, and define the name and domain of your E-commerce store.

Sales tools

Utilize various sales tools offered by the E-commerce module, such as discounts and promotions, coupon codes, upselling and cross-selling options to enhance your sales strategy.




Multistore management

Manage promotions, sales, and inventory across multiple E-commerce stores simultaneously using a single interface.


Cart and checkout

Track data on shopping carts and checkout on your E-commerce store to gain valuable insights into your customers' behavior.


Payment methods

Offer your customers various payment methods, such as credit card payments, bank transfers, cash on delivery, or through platforms like PayPal and Stripe.


Prices and delivery methods

Provide customers with different delivery methods and set the associated prices. Offer options like free shipping, fixed or variable-rate shipping, as well as in-store pickup.


Discounts and promotions

Special emphasis is placed on sales promotion tools in E-commerce, such as discounts and promotions, to drive sales.


Product reviews

To gather customer feedback and opinions on your products, set up a review option on your E-commerce store, allowing customers to leave reviews and collect valuable feedback.