Think outside the box

Integrated business solution on a single platform.

You can manage your business processes using: Projects, CRM & Sales, Web & E-commerce, or ERP solutions.


What is Gauss Box?

Gauss Box is a unique cloud platform designed to manage all business processes. It enables efficient management of day-to-day business operations and strategic planning through workflow processes and clear analytics.


What’s inside Gauss Box?



You don't have to worry about hosting services, servers, or other costs, while ensuring uninterrupted access and security of all business data. Sign in through a web browser or mobile application and work anywhere, anytime.

Unique business solution

Replace multiple communication apps, email services, billing applications, and CMS systems with a single unified platform. Substitute different programs, services, and applications with integrated modules and external integrations.

Fully customizable

With numerous customization options, tailor the dashboard, system settings, and data layout and view according to your preferences. By creating fields within forms, freely add areas for inputting data that are important for your business.

What do our clients say


We started using Gauss Box with only five sales agents. In 2 years we’ve grown to 55 people with the help of Gauss Box CRM. Our sales reps love the efficiency and simplicity of this tool.

- Saša Teodorović, CEO, Brocando, BROCANDO
brocando_transparent for web 1.png

With the Gauss Box we got a flexible and efficient platform for the development of our fashion industry-oriented webshop. I was particularly impressed by the ability to integrate faster as our iOS and Android apps are key in our business.

- Stjepan Jozipović, CEO, Lominy, LOMINY
Lominy logo.png

With the help of consultants from Gauss, we were able to migrate our existing webshop from Magento to Gauss Box. The result is an optimized and modern shop that our customers adore.


- Filip Mirković, CEO, Inter-trade, BEBENOVA
Bebenova logo.png

With more than 150 employees, we were tired of using spreadsheets and e-mail to manage our internal projects. Luckily, we tried Gauss Box Projects and improved our process significantly!

- Mislav Mihalj, Sales Director, Hemco, HEMCO

The majority of our work is project-oriented and requires a lot of collaboration with our clients. Gauss Box has proven to be an ideal solution for managing internal and external projects as well as collaborating with our clients.

- Mirjana Buljan, CEO, Recupero, RECUPERO

Since we act as a project organization and participate in a lot of EU-funded projects, good project management software is something we cannot do without. Gauss Box provides us with just that – an indispensable tool for our projects and team collaboration.

- Ana Nikšić-Šarić, CEO, TERA Tehnopolis, TERA TEHNOPOLIS

The Gauss Box E-commerce platform has given us the opportunity to easily reach the international market and market our products through our webshop. With the support of Gauss employees, we used all the benefits of PayPal as a payment method.

- Saša Batinac, Sales Manager, TSP, HSC
HSC logo.png


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