Digitalize the management of your organization

The Company module provides comprehensive management of employees, external partners, and spaces across multiple branches and departments.


Employee management

Establish a comprehensive digital employee database to efficiently manage and maintain an accurate roster of employees. Track and organize essential information including personal, financial, and contact details, job roles and team assignments, permission levels, and other pertinent details.

Company management

Effectively oversee your company's branches, departments, and business premises through the Company module. Easily book various business spaces, including offices, meeting rooms, and conference halls, with a simple and intuitive interface.




Employee management

Manage your workforce and record all necessary information about your employees within a unified database.


External associates

In addition to your own employees, easily maintain records of all external collaborators and manage their data.


Organizational structure

Define and organize the organizational structure of your company. Create departments, arrange them in a hierarchical tree, and assign employees as responsible individuals and department members.



Manage one or multiple branches of your company and enter relevant information such as general data, employees, working hours, and contact details. This will provide you with a better overview of your organization's structure.



Simplify the organization of meetings and conferences by booking offices and business spaces, and provide all employees with information about the availability of specific rooms in just a few moments.