Digitalise your company's contact database

With the Contacts module, enter and organize an unlimited number of business contacts such as collaborators, customers, suppliers, and other important individuals and companies.


Contact database

Enter and store all your contacts within a unified digital database. Easily filter the entered contacts or use search functionality to find specific contacts.

Contact profile

Edit and enhance a contact by adding relevant information about the company or individual. Enter different types of contact information for your clients, collaborators, customers, and other contacts.




Contact database

Enable easy access to business contacts and their information for all members of your company. Additionally, provide clients and external collaborators access to the Gauss Box system by assigning them a username and permission level.


Contact details

Enhance the profiles of your contacts by adding a picture or company logo and assigning a responsible person to each contact. Enable all employees to access up-to-date and relevant information about your business contacts.


Import and export of contacts

If you already have a contact database, easily import it into the Gauss Box system using the available template. Additionally, you can always export the created Gauss Box database or a part of it in the .xlsx or .csv file format.


Web contacts

Enable automated entry of registered users and customers from your websites and e-commerce platforms into the contact database. This way, you can store and easily search for your online clients.