Manage your company’s product catalog

Manage all the information relevant to the sales of your products and services with the help of the Products and Services module.


Product catalog

Easily enter, manage, and update the products and services offered by your company. Enhance the entered products with descriptions and images, and easily review them using list or grid view.

Pricing and discounts

Set the base price for your products and create special discounts or coupon codes that can be applied to individual products, groups and categories of products, as well as products that meet specific criteria.




Attributes and categories

Customize the descriptive fields of your products by creating descriptive attributes and assigning necessary features such as size, color, or manufacturer. Easily sort the entered products within categories that allow organizing products according to desired types.


Promotions and discounts

Increase sales by creating special promotions and campaigns and applying them to one or more products. Manage promotions through commercial profiles where you can set the duration, discount amount, target customer group, and stores, as well as define conditions for qualifying for the discount.



If your company is involved in service sales, you can easily create and manage them within the catalog. Edit their price and description, define features and other service settings.


Product types

Create and enter various types of products. Enable customers to purchase digital e-products or physical products such as simple products or groups of products like configurable and bundle products.


Product connectivity

Encourage additional purchases by implementing cross-sell and up-sell options. Organize products into categories and link complementary items to enhance sales.


Pricing management

If there are any changes to your company's pricing, simply update the prices within your digital catalog and provide customers with up-to-date information.