Top 7 simple lead management features every sales team needs

Nikolina Hodak / July 5, 2022


Lead management importance

When you’re dealing with clients, there are various processes you need to go through to close the deal. As part of CRM software, lead management will help you acquire and manage leads until they become sales-ready.


As we spoke about in our earlier blogs, we can’t stress enough how important software tools are and how can they change your work life. Gauss Box will simplify the whole process from creating leads to closing the deal. But don't take our word for it, just look at statistics.

CRM can increase conversion rates by up to 300% (Fit Small Busines).

Now when we covered the basics, let’s talk about the specifics of lead management tools.

Creating leads

The best way to start your sales process is to create a simple task to note possible sales/leads. Gauss Box gives you the possibility to note all important details about your leads. You can choose between creating a lead person or a lead company, but let’s divide this into six simple steps. 


This field will help you keep your leads in order. Inside this field, you can enter basic information such as first and last name/company name, mobile phone, e-mail, or address.


You’re probably wondering what this field has to do with tracking leads. Well, it helps you categorize your sales opportunities and know what their priorities are. You could add product/services categories or even specific products/categories to know what is the main subject you should focus on during lead managing. It’s also possible to write a description (point of interest).


Let everyone on the team know who is responsible for each lead person/company. Add participants as you wish.



With the status option, you can label in which phase your lead is (for example finished, in progress, etc.). Also, you will be able to rate and categorize your lead person/company, or even mark the source from which you tracked certain leads. This kind of information can be helpful when filtering and searching for wanted leads.


This field implies some additional data on your lead. If needed, for the lead person you can add some personal information like gender, birth date, nationality… When it comes to companies, you have the option to add a website, industry type, annual budget, etc. Whichever information is needed at that point.


Upload files or write some additional descriptions if you have some specific info to note yet. Just to state, you don’t have to input every field mentioned in this chapter. Just the ones you’ll be needed when creating a new lead. It’s up to you and that’s the whole point of the Gauss Box. Adjust everything according to your needs.



Create a task to get in contact with your leads. Within the task, you will be able to mark a responsible person, whether it’s a billable task or not, or set a stage according to your lead phase (finished, in progress, etc.). Prioritize your lead and set a start/end date to clarify some crucial information on your lead development. As far as estimations are considered, you can set estimations in hours, estimations unit, or price per estimation unit.

Furthermore, you can set milestones or sprints to keep your projects on track. If you want to mark some additional lead info, you can write it down into descriptions or upload a file within a task. Numerous possibilities and you get to choose which are essential when managing your leads.

Calls & meetings

The call and meeting features have similar capabilities. They allow you to set a call or a meeting with your clients. Easily, you can set a start and the end of a call/meeting according to your estimations. You can upload a file or write down a description to record needed info when contacting a client.

There is also a great feature to set reminder types via SMS, E-mail, or both. You could also determine the reminder recipient, whether you’d like to notify the indebted person and customer, only person in charge, or only the customer. The choice is up to you.


Comments & mentions

You can place a comment on your sales opportunity to write a short description to help your team track all possible changes. It’s intuitive and easy to add and can be very helpful when dealing with lead activities. Via comments, you also have the mentions option. Tag the person inside the comment you want to notify and they will receive a notification with your comment content. Easy as that.

Calendar view

The calendar view option will make your life easier. It gives you the possibility of having all lead activities/opportunities in one place. You can set the start and end date of a meeting, call, or task and it will be visible inside the calendar. Furthermore, you can filter calendar entries by name, date, responsible person, client, etc. Possibilities are endless. This will especially be useful to sales representatives in keeping track of all lead opportunities and future activities.


We are here for you

There are various lead management tools out there that can help you manage your business processes. But not many of them are offering you multiple options of customer support whenever needed. Our customer success team will also provide onboarding and support from first contact until your success. And the best part is, with Gauss Box CRM, you can have all the required tools for dealing with leads in one place.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the CRM module or any other module Gauss Box is offering you!