Lead management: how to easily increase sales

Nikolina Hodak / June 23, 2022


Lead management has always been an obstacle some companies just couldn’t get passed at. Luckily, today there is various software designed only for managing your leads. And our task is to bring them closer to you to understand them and maybe implement them into your business.  Before we get started, we have an interesting statistic for you.

91% of marketers say that lead generation is their most important goal (Ruler Analytics).

What is a lead?

A lead is a person or a group of people who are the target customer profile of a certain company. They have expressed interest in a sort of kind of product or service and they can now be considered as a lead. Furthermore, their interest can be seen through sharing email, phone numbers, contact information, etc.


What is the lead management?

Basically, lead management is a process of managing and tracking potential customers. It usually can be divided into 4 phases (source: TechonologyAdvice):

  • Lead generation

Companies are trying to create consumer interest and inquiry into products and services through various marketing and sales tactics. For example, lead generation can be done within blog posts, white papers, social media, PR campaigns, events, etc.

  • Customers’ inquiries and capture

When consumers respond to marketing activities with interest, their data is recorded. In that way, they become sales leads.

  • Filtering leads

In this phase, leads are based on the likelihood of becoming a customer. They are sorted by the validity of the request. Depending on your marketing system, there can be a lot of work in defining how to accurately categorize and sort potential customers.

  • Lead nurturing

By this phase, leads are sorted by contacted and uncontacted and scheduled for follow-up processes. Then, the lead nurturing process should factor in buying stage of the lead, their information needs, and purchase urgency. In other words, nurture them until they become sales-ready.


Why is lead management important?

The whole process of generating leads helps companies understand which campaigns are bringing in the biggest amount of leads. In that way, you can optimize those channels and your marketing strategies to be effective and efficient.

Additional, lead management processes is providing your company with useful and measurable data on your leads, as well as their reactions to your marketing strategies. It will clearly show you at which point are your leads “getting stuck” and then you can analyze this data to identify improvement possibilities.

Moreover, lead management allows you to put your products at the top of consumers’ minds – by consistently keeping in touch with them and nurturing them through the sales process. It will ultimately increase sales and productivity because when they become sales-ready, your company is the first they call.


Furthermore, what we missed mentioning is that lead management almost always requires lead automation software. It can get really difficult to manually manage potential customers. Some companies try to keep lead scores across spreadsheets, but they get all tangled up in pulling all necessary information from multiple channels. Lead management is one of those processes where you literally can’t manage it without the right lead management tools.

According to APSIS, one of the biggest trends we’re seeing in lead generation is the increased use of automation software. According to recent reports, 80% of marketers that use automation software drive increased leads (as much as 451% more), and 77% of them convert more leads than those that don’t use automation.

Manage your leads with Gauss Box

Lead → client. It's that simple.  

Gauss Box’s lead management module provides you with information on potential customers as well as monitoring the daily activities of the sales department. It combines information about the sales department, sales opportunities, and potential customers in one place. Combining tasks and communication channels it’s giving you a complete picture of a company’s sales processes.

What’s essential is that it allows you to track each lead from the first contact to successful sales and beyond. Bridge the path from the lead to the client using this module. It gives you some great features along the way.


You may wonder if this module is suitable for your company. We can tell it surely is considering its suitable for small, medium and large companies - there’s really no limitations. Moreover, it’s suitable for everyone who wants to improve sales!

Gauss Box

You still haven’t implemented lead management tools into your business? Don’t worry, Gauss Box is here for you. Feel free to contact us for any other info or questions you may have!