Plan and organise your projects and tasks.

The Projects module allows you to keep all the project-relevant information in one place.


Easy project tracking

Project-related time and cost notes give you a powerful tool for analysing project execution performance. With tools like the Kanban board and Gannt diagrams, plan and monitor project progress.

Team collaboration

Comments, discussions, files, tasks, and subtasks provide everything you need for a successful and fast collaboration.

Gone are the days when you had to search your inbox, chat apps or spreadsheets for a file or a piece of information... Share all files, communicate and collaborate in one place.




Easy planning

Add project participants, stages, and comments to take full advantage of all the benefits the Projects module enables you.


Project roles

Create an unlimited number of project roles. They define what project participants can see, and do and what they will be notified about.


Time and expense tracking

Track time spent and cost per project. Set budget estimations to help you track all activities and their expenses.


Performance tracking

The Projects module is a powerful tool for analysing project execution performance. Choose between the Kanban board or Gantt chart for a precise overview.


Task management

Create and manage tasks and subtasks to let your team know which tasks they should focus on.


Roles and participants

Add people to project tasks and discussions and assign them different roles. At any moment you can have information on who is working on which task.